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Her God. 
Her Faith. 
Her Resilience.
Her Testimony.
Her Journey. 

"Trauma is not her end."

We all have a powerful story. We deserve to be narrators, the voice behind our story. 

Welcome to Trauma to Testimony!

Trauma to Testimony is a mission-driven ministry that strives to shift the nature of the healing and faith walk that trauma survivors take with God. We live to encourage women and youth to gain a deeper perspective on their trauma and pain to help them overcome and heal to authentically live in their truth. We want every woman and youth to know that their story has purpose and they do not have to look like what they have been through. That their story holds a heavy weight and that they are indeed God’s masterpiece. Through educational and empowerment workshops, online resources and outreach programs trauma survivors will gain the education and empowerment needed to truly heal from trauma and become what we like to call a trauma thriver. 

Mission & Vision

To be a one-stop shop for young girls and women with faith and resilience content, resources, and programs to help women overcome their trauma and gain the tools necessary to transition in life post-trauma.

Top Core Values



We are a tribe that love Jesus. We put our faith and foundation in something higher than just us because we know that we know in our hearts that we made it through because of the One who made a way for us. Our content is focused on resiliency principles but also Christian principles. 



We believe that without you knowing about your trauma and/or pain in life you may not ever reach the awareness to know what to do or the help you need to heal. Education is a huge part of what we do through our outreach programs, workshops, conferences and resources. 



Through our work here at Trauma to testimony we want to ensure that the true change happens. that each individual comes to be the narrator of their story and that they understand there is purpose and power in owning their truth and healing from their past. That they take the initiative to believe, grow and thrive in living in their testimony. 

Hey, Healing Bestie!

It's your healing bestie, Toni!

Toni Simmons-Husband is a wife, mother, minister, coach, podcast host, and founder of Trauma to Testimony. With a personal and professional background in trauma and resilience building, her passion expands to a multi-dimensional approach to educate and serve women and disadvantaged youth to gain a healing perspective post-trauma to reach optimal wellness and provide resources and programs to caretakers and support systems of trauma survivors through her ministry, Trauma to Testimony. Trauma to Testimony is the proclamation of the truth and narratives of Christian women who have endured trauma and shaken up their pain and purposefully walk daily in their victories giving God their yes through the sharing of their testimonies. Trauma survivors are equipped to level up in their faith and resilience to heal through podcasts, online resources, coaching, mentorship, events, and programs. Her mission for Trauma to Testimony is to be a one-stop shop for trauma survivors to get the aid they need specific to their healing and faith journey. 


"You are just as well as the trauma you actually heal and reveal to God." - Toni

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