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Breaking Through Resistance Fast + Challenge

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For 5 days, we will be fasting, praying and going to war over the things in our past + present that are holding us bound and release into God’s designed will and plan for or lives. We will be fasting from 6 am- 6pm starting Monday, June 26th - Friday, June 30th. My best advice, if this is for you, is to seek God on behalf of what you need to fast from. I am doing a water fast just because that is what usually brings breakthrough for me but I still will be also praying leading into the fast. Please seek medical advice if you have any concerns about fasting and your health. You will have the opportunity to participate in: ⭐Fasting in Community where you will have accountability and have a supportive community to keep you encouraged during the fast + challenge. ⭐ Daily Devotionals delivered straight to your inbox, offering encouragement and guidance on your healing and faith journey. ⭐ Daily Challenges that will empower you to confront resistance head-on and embrace the transformative power of surrender. ⭐ Live Group Bible Study Sessions where we can dive deep into God's Word, discovering His truths and applying them to our lives. ⭐ Daily Live Prayer Walk Calls where we can come together as a community, lifting our voices in unified prayers for breakthrough and healing as we are challenged to walk each day at 12 noon. ⭐ Exclusive Resources including guided meditations, journal prompts, and more, are carefully curated to support and enhance your spiritual growth.

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