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Join the Resilient Queendom Membership Today!

Heyyyy Resilient Queen! I am so excited to revamp the experience that my girls get to have as they are embarking on this journey of overcoming their trauma, healing and deepening their relationship with God. 

If you are in The Resilient Queendom Facebook group or follow The Trauma to Testimony Podcast, then you know exactly the energy that we put into becoming a better woman for our own healing, the healing we need for our friends and families and the generational healing. 


A safe space for women to heal to grow from trauma and build a deeper relationship with God.

This community is for women who are:

Working through their healing journey and need a community to hold them accountable.

Looking to hand over her past and traumas to God through Christian and resiliency principles.

Wanting to find the truth and power in their story.

Wanting to live authentically in their truth to create a better reality. 

A Faith-Filled Community with:

+ Monthly Healing & Faith Series 

+ Live Group & Private Prayer Calls

+ Live Heal 'n Chill Roundtable Talks 

+ Resilience Plans 

+ Access to our online community

All for $35/Month

No Groups at the MomentOnce a group is created, it will appear here.

Healing & Faith Series 

Monthly series  to bring you into awareness of your "gem" on your crown.


Quarterly challenges to help women to become a more resilient and faithful version of themselves.

Prayer Calls

Join us for group and private prayer calls.

Healing Talks

Quarterly healing Chats about what we are experiencing month to month and really getting to the root of our healing with God. 

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