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Welcome to the Holiday Heal & Chill. Healing during the holiday season does not need to be hard, it just needs to happen. We are here to provide a safe space for those who may have been through some things but need a space to heal. 

Heal this Holiday Season, Bestie!

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It is totally okay to not feel it this holiday season, but it is not okay not to get the help that you need. 

Holidays are not always the most wonderful time of the year when you have experienced trauma and pain and hurt. And, we stand each year around this time with women of God to ensure they are encouraged and empowered to heal during the holidays so that they can get back to enjoying the holiday season. It is our passion to serve as a resource of light during the holidays through The Holiday Heal 'n Chill where we provide resources to help encourage you during this time. 

+Holiday Heal 'n Chill Series on the Trauma to Testimony Podcast 
+Free Resources in Our Resource Directory + Resource Hall 
+Newsletters with all the holiday deals and steals on healing 
+Healing Besties Community Healing Chat 
+Prayer Calls & More

 According to the National Alliance on Mental Health in a recent study, respondents reported that the holidays contribute to feeling sad or dissatisfied and 68% financially strained. 66% have experienced have loneliness, 63% too much pressure and 57% unrealistic expectations. 55% found themselves remembering happier times in the past contrasting with the present, while 50% were unable to be with loved ones.


Holiday seasons are heavy and we get that and are here to be a resource. 

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On the Trauma to Testimony Podcast

Being Thankful When You Feel Defeated

Hey Healing Bestie, I know that it feels like there is so much to focus on that has happened and it is too heavy to be out here stretching for some good. Whew, been there and done that. I just want to you to know that you are not alone and that the purpose of it all is for you to be okay and to realize that there is more to you and all that you have been through. God is still waking you up so there is so much to be thankful for. But just in case you need some help stretching for the thankfulness I got you bestie in this episode with thankfulness prompts. 


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