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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

In the month of May, we celebrate mental health. We discuss tips, resources and help that we may need to continue to grow in our mental wellness. The stigma around mental health and mental illness. The whole month is filled with so much helpful information that can definitely get you involved with mental health and making sure that you are treating yourself and others’ with practical steps to better mental wellness.

Personally, mental health is closest to my heart as you all may know that my mother suffers from a mental illness most of her life. It has truly hindered her a lot and has had a strain on her life. In my adulthood, I struggle with trying to make sure that I am properly being there for her as she goes through this in her daily life. So, as I am learning, I am definitely going to share tips, resources and information with you all that can help with your mental health journey and being there for someone else through mental health. But, first we will dig into what mental health is.

What is mental health?

Mental health is our psychological and emotional well-being. Mental health can be a person’s ability to enjoy life. Mental health can affect daily activities such as showering, brushing your teeth to going out with friends and traveling the world. Mental health can determine whether an individual processes their life’s purpose or are unable to cope with who they are as an individual. Mental health is so important to the daily life a person lives.

Why is mental health important?

Everyone is not granted the ability to control their mental health and may suffer from a mental illness that they may need to undergo serious medical treatment.

Having good mental health can benefit you in other areas of your life such as physically, emotionally, socially, and financially.

Mental health is a field that needs support because a huge percentage of people suffer from poor mental health or a mental illness.

Mental wellness needs to be looked at more in a lens of helping individuals to become better before it is to late.

The stigmas surrounding mental health can be stopped with more support from the communities of those who suffer from poor mental health or a mental illness.

10 ways that you can begin improving your mental health today:

1. Participate in a mental health screening.

2. Reevaluate your eating habits. It is said that some foods are good for your mental health. Do the research and start eating better today.

3. Exercise. Take a walk around the block or do a 15 minute workout. You can even do the workout at home.

4. Get enough sleep. You need to be at least getting 7-9 hours each night. It is okay to put in a little nap or two a day as well.

5. Spend some time in nature. Sometimes all you need is some sun and to smell the flowers.

6. Find a funny video or watch stand up comedy. Maybe you have a friend who is an aspiring comedian. A great laugh is sometimes needed to feel better.

7. Seek professional help. Maybe you need to take action and go see a doctor. Maybe the doctor can give you some guidance on feeling better. Or research for a local therapist that you can go see. Therapy is so good!

8. Get creative. Find a hobby that interest you. Do what brings you joy!

9. Do a digital detox. Maybe you just need a mental break from everything. Take some time to yourself and away from social media. It is okay, what they are doing today they will be doing tomorrow. You are not missing anything!

10. Do things to love yourself! Do some digging to find out activities that definitely relax you and put you in a healthy state. Have those things ready when things have you feeling down or you are mentally drained.

Getting involved with Mental Health Awareness

Totally get involved if you can because it is a bigger purpose to helping those who struggle in this area. There are so many ways that you can become involved with spreading the positive words about mental health in May and so on.

1. Write a blog post that brings awareness to mental health.

2. Share tips, statistics, quotes and resources via social media to educate people on mental health.

3. Host an event that educates people on mental health.

4. Have a mental wellness challenge to get people involved about the subject of mental health. Have them post pictures on social media.

5. Participate in a mental health awareness event in your community.

6. Participate in a mental health screening and maybe invite a friend or two to do the same. Make it a fun date!

All in all. In a busy world, we have to make sure that we are paying attention to what matters; our health. We have to make sure that we are alright before we can be there for everything else we have in our lives. Our health is so important. There is so much wealth and knowledge out there in the mental health field. Research, go through trial and error, try new things to getting to your best mental health state. If you or a friend needs help please reach out to the following resources that includes books, phone numbers and information on mental health and mental illness:

Here are some organizations to look into for Mental Health Awareness Month:

As always, I truly do enjoy providing information to my subscribers on being more resilient. Through our mental health we are pushed to be resilient and overcome any obstacles that may come our way. Thank you for reading the post.

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Love you all,

Peace & Blessings


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