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Refresh & Restart Series: Spiritual Reset

In my life, I have been through so many obstacles that have been painful and heartbreaking. But, I am so glad that God was always there to get me through each and every problem. God truly has taken my life and transformed it. It was like the things that I thought I needed were nothing compared to what God provided me with.

Throughout my journey, the greatest times have been when I have come back to God and deepen my relationship with Him. And, the joy produced when my Father accepts me back and gives me grace to keep going. That is the beauty about the grace, love and mercy that is given to us from God that releases us and helps us to become stronger in our faith.

The reality is sometimes we get lost in the world. We get lost into what the world tells us who and what we should be. That desire to please our flesh leads us to many dead zones. Then, we have no reason but to go back to God. Left to nothing but God. I believe those are the most amazing moments we have to please God with who we truly are. Sometimes it takes those moments where we can go back and restart on our spiritual journey and go deeper and harder for God than ever before.

The toughest part is continuing on the course and being okay with starting back on your journey. Now, the experience is a little different. It is all in your choice to want more and to go deeper. What will you do? How will you change? How will you grow? What will be your game plan? How will you not give up this time?

When going back on your journey to God, there is some strategy that needs to be discussed. This time you need to take what you learned in the previous season that distracted and discouraged you from God and apply it to this new season. It is going to take you and everything you got. It all goes to our Father up above.

Just in case you need some help getting there….I got you sis!

#1- Start your day with God

The best way to start your day is go to the Creator. It is intentional to start where it begins and ends. Pray to your Father. This is where you can pour out and get refilled and refueled. This is where you can go to confess and repent. This is a judgement free zone. This is a place where you can flush out any fear, doubt, pain, insecurities and unforgiveness. You have a Father who wants to hear from his people and wants to be your all in all. Take some intentional time with Him each day and you will see a shift in your relationship with God.

#2- Write to God

He wants to hear from you sis! He wants to hear the deepest of the deep and heal all of your scars. God knows all that is going on but He wants to know that you believe in Him for your breakthrough. God wants to deliver you and save you out of the circumstance you are in but sometimes God needs to see where your faith lies. Writing helps to get all of your emotions and feeling out onto paper and it is better processed there. This can be used as a form of prayer. This is how I pray sometimes!

#3- Pray

If you do nothing in this journey, I will tell you to pray through everything. Prayer truly changes things. Prayer can be a conversation with God about your day and asking for His guidance and help through a difficult time. Prayer can be thanking God for all He has done. Prayer can come without words being spoken out of your mouth. Sometimes prayer can come from the heart. Sometimes prayer can be tears running down your face as you are sitting quietly. Prayer is the intention and time with God to go to Him and talk with Him about life. This shift of praying through everything will transform your life.

#4- Praise & Worship

It is nothing like a good worship song! I mean one that touches your heart and reminds you that God is God and He is worthy to be praised. Having a good worship playlist to encourage you will come of great use during quiet time and when you just need something uplifting on long days. Having this as a part of a backup plan when you have rough days is so helpful. Add songs that make you really feel the presence of the Lord!!

#5- Incorporate God into your everyday life

And, I mean it. You are what you consume each day so you need to make the conscious effort to make sure He is everywhere you go. This looks like having scripture at work or having stickers about faith on your personal laptop. Having worship and praise stations on Spotify and Pandora. Having a journal that has your favorite bible scripture on it. Following God is a lifestyle and you have to incorporate Him into it all if you are going to do this journey with Him. He wants not just a piece of you, He wants all of you. He loves you and wants you all. Give Him your all and show Him that you desire to be like Him.

It is okay to go back to God. It is totally okay to rededicate your life back to the Father. Life is a journey. God understands that His children will make mistakes but loves us so much that He takes us right back. Go back Queen! And know that...restarting and refreshing in the spirit is the start to your victory.

Peace & Blessings!


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