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3 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Story…

Queen, all I can say is that lately God has really been showing up for me. I mean the tough showing up too. I mean that “I want to transform you again” type of love. It has been trying but each moment has been worth it. I have been redefining who I am and how I serve. To tell the truth- it has felt like I am at war. The craziest part about it is in some sense I get it. I understand why I am going through it. I love what it is teaching me but I rather not have to face my trauma time after time. But purposefully I know that the purpose of me facing it is to help other women.

Recently, I have had opportunities that have stretched me. I have had to share parts of my story that I was still holding on to. If I can be transparent as I have shared them, I have been emotional through each of them. Most of the time I cannot believe how I am alive and other times I revisit the pain just simply because it still hurts.

Sometimes we are called to do something that is bigger than us. We have to share our good, bad and sometimes the deep dark uglies you do not want to even bring up. The point of it is more than we know and sometimes we will not notice until later that our very story will be the blessing to someone else. Here are some lessons I have learned along the way.

Why should you share your story?

#1- Healing for yourself and others

Listen, healing is definitely a process and we all need it. Healing is one in which it takes time and effort to push past trauma, pain and hurt like no other. Strategies and practicing things over and over may be one of the toughest parts in healing. But taking initiative to heal could be one of the best decisions you make. In healing, we discover so much beauty within our journey. We begin to see life in a different light. Healing can transform. Healing can rejuvenate. Healing can restore. Healing can change behavior. Healing can change reactions. Healing can cultivate a life that you love. Sharing your story with others can be a huge step to healing and becoming a better you. It can relieve all of the anxiety and stress you go through to keep things hidden. Maybe someone needs to know that they can to overcome the season that they are in. Maybe you are the key to the locked door they needed to open. Maybe you are the voice they needed to hear to motivate them to get back up. Take your healing process seriously, you need it and your healing may be the very thing someone needs to begin their healing process.

#2- Self-Compassion- You need to know how to love yourself

Sharing your story is ultimately unique. It is the specific and most special thing about you. No one can take your story or change the narrative. You have the power to shift the narrative. Our stories shape us to be who we are. Our stories can be the pathway to many roads to our core. When we go through good or hard times, we carry those times with us whether we know it or not. It may show up in our behavior, personalities, actions or in how we treat others. When we learn to show compassion towards ourselves, telling our story can become easier as we learn how to love ourselves. That is when the true healing and processing our trauma comes in. Having self-compassion can help you find kindness versus judgment. Self-compassion can assist in proactive responses versus reactive responses when sharing your story. Managing our emotions and feelings through learning to love ourselves can enhance our empowerment in sharing our stories.

#3- To Overcome Behaviors from Trauma

Trauma can run so deep that it reveals itself in our everyday behavior and actions. Sharing your story with the world may be difficult as you are processing what you have gone through but the power is in telling your story. Taking your power back through choosing to write the rest of your story will help you to unlearn patterns and train our minds to not live in the same things that we are use to. Beginning to share your story can help you to change the narrative of your story and improve how you heal when it comes to your trauma. People hearing how you overcame obstacles can provide them with strategies on how to overcome their own obstacles in life.

We are all on a constant healing journey, becoming a better version of ourselves each day. Continue to process your story and share it. Sharing your story cannot only help someone else but can be freeing on your healing journey. Become the best you and remember that life is a journey not a race, take it step by step.


I am strong.

I am resilient.

I am worthy of living a life of abundance.

I can change the narrative to my story.

My power is in my story.

I have a powerful testimony.

I am healed.

I am loved.

Stay encouraged Queen!

Peace & Blessings,


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