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5 Ways to Level Up in Your Faith During the Holiday Season

Growing my relationship with God has truly been a healing for me as the holidays come around. In the past, I used to feel so out of place during the holidays due to me not ever really having my parents during the holiday times. Sitting back and seeing my family members gather would make me be so in my feelings. If it was not that, I would be beating myself up in my head about the past and not being worthy enough to be a part of a family or even enjoy myself. It is mind blowing how past trauma will make you have stories in your head that tell you that you can not be a part of life or family or fun. Trauma will literally sell you a story and you will be stuck there and without the healing work will never get out.

I want to encourage you that there is hope. That God is the solution to all of the pain and hurt that comes from traumatic experiences. And to practice your faith to overcome the trauma and growing into all that you were called here to be. Yes, we have to take baby steps but starting with the holidays is a great way to start working on facing our trauma and the behaviors and feelings that have resulted because of the trauma we endured.

Having faith during the holiday season will help you to get through any holiday blues that you may experience. The holidays can bring so much joy but the reality is that so many people deal with so many other silencing traumas and pain that goes unsaid. It may get difficult to tune out and take the proper care of yourself. The holidays come jam packed so you need to be equipped to make sure that you are well and one way to do that is keeping yourself spiritually well.

#1- Find some creative faith resources.

Sometimes we just need to tap into learning the promises, good works and the character of God through creative means. There are so many different resources for every type of learner and or creative. You just need to find a resource that works for you. There are a number of creative resources such as coloring books, devotionals, prayer cards, various apps you can download all to spread the Word of God. Here are a few of my favorite below:

#2- Have consistent quiet time with God each day.

Listen God is the solution to everything you go through, everything you need and all of the above. God will be the one you talk to on your toughest days. He will be the one that leads you and comforts you when you do not know what to do. That is why building a relationship with God is important. Each day you need to be in communication with Him. The holidays are most important to communicate with God. Things have slowed down. Be still and get quiet with God. Sit in silence, in worship, or in meditation to hear from Him. It may take some practice to get consistent but if you want to grow your faith, it is going to start with having a relationship with God. Somethings you can do in your quiet time:

  • Read your favorite devotional.

  • Enjoy a prayer journal that draws you closer to God.

  • Start a Bible Plan in the You Version Bible App.

  • Do a prayer challenge on what you are struggling with during this time. Pinterest has amazing prayer challenges.

  • Read a faith-based book on an area of growth you are working on.

  • Write down your favorite scriptures on index cards and post them in your most frequently visited places in your home. You will need to be reminded how good God is in hard times.

#3- Pray at all times- the good, bad and ugly.

During the holiday season, you may face some truths that may be difficult to experience and process. It is important that you pray over those things that bring you pain and hurt you. It is better to heal then to not ever deal with the matters of your heart. You can not bury them away forever, they will show back up. Healing is a process but it is worth it when you have God to heal you and mold you to being your best self. Start by writing out your prayers whether they just begin with how you feel. That is how mine started out. Basically, I began telling God my pain and what hurt me at the moment. Especially during the holidays, I get specific with certain instances that make me feel a certain way and ask God to reveal to me what it means and heal me from any thoughts and actions that are not like Him.

#4- Find some new uplifting worship songs.

It is nothing like having your favorite worship songs to encourage you when you get down. Choose some worship songs that make you happy and uplift you. Listening to your favorite worship songs can bring your cheer and joy this holiday season and do not be afraid to add some holiday songs in there as well to help you to put you in the holiday spirit. The Diary of a Resilient Queen has our own Worship Playlist, check it out here!

#5- Decorate ornaments with your favorite scriptures on it.

A little arts and crafts will do the heart well. Getting in the holiday spirit sometimes takes a little practice and putting some fun activities in place. Make some ornaments this year and put your style and special touch to it. This may be the year that you start changing the norm of being down during the holidays and why not have a souvenir to remind you of the decision you made for growth, to have faith and resilience this year and it is going to make a difference. Remember baby steps count too! So, choose your favorite scriptures that inspire you to keep going and paint them on some cute ornaments.

The most important part of this holiday season is to remember to keep yourself rooted in all things good for better words, keep yourself rooted in everything God. God understands and sees all. He will not leave your or forsake you this holiday season. He knows of the challenges and the struggles that you are having. Go to God this holiday season and lay out before Him what is bothering you and what you are going through. Pour out and leave it with God. he is our burden bearer. Then, try these ideas and work on growing and overcoming any trauma, pain or hurt you are experiencing. And, each year try to add to the list and incorporate things to uplift your faith each year. More faith brings you more fruit. As you believe the fruit grows.

Be blessed!

Toni Simmons-Husband

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