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Break the Cycle

We all feel that moment when we are like, "How did I get here again?" After all of the work you did to get away from the feeling, the pain, the hurt. You went to see a therapist, you talked with your pastor, you journaled until your hands hurt. Why are we back here again? Why does it feel like a battle? It feels like an never ending cycle of mistrust, pain, fight, tears, anger, rage, hate.

Sometimes we get so used to, the normal. The normal may be those cycles of behavior that catches us in its web because it is all we know. We do not break the chain because these chains are apart of us (at least we feel that..). We accept the people, places or things that hurt us back into our lives once again hoping that things will change; thinking we have the power to change someone or something.

Ephesians 3:20, "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us." This verse is a powerful one. It helps us to realize that yes God does so many changes and transforms our lives. BUT, it takes us to do the WORK...whatever work that may be. The power lies within us. Maybe that is healing. Maybe it is being consistent. Maybe it is breaking a generational curse. Maybe it is walking away from a toxic relationship. Whatever it is, you have to break the cycle.

Breaking the cycle may include, but are not limited to:


-overcoming a tough time in your life

-walking away from toxic friendships

-learning to love people from a distance

-actually doing the work for your dream

-forgiving people who hurt you

-forgiving yourself

-building a better relationship with someone

-going to therapy

-spending more time being quiet and still

-breaking generational curses

-speaking life into your situation

-combating negative thoughts with positive ones

-finishing the book

I could go on and on but see there are so many beautiful things that come out of breaking the strongholds that hold you back from being who you are called to be. You are up here sticking to what you think and feel not what you know. Then, you are just stuck in the midst of the cycle and wondering why you are getting trapped over and over again. You are sitting in your comfort zone. You are feeding yourself the same bad things you consumed before that poisoned you the last time. There is work in pressing through comfort. It is okay, to take a chance on yourself because you know you need better.

I am sure you know what it is to be spiritually stuck. I am sure you know all about overcoming so much just to be back in the same situation. It is time to lean close to God and stay close. That way your steps are guided. Breaking cycles of pain, hurt, generational curses, toxicity, etc. takes work and I am talking deep spiritual work.

Start today by breaking the lies, the defeat, the deceit, the feelings, the curses and begin:

1. Journaling again- Get them feelings out, don't let that stuff build up within you.

2. Seeking professional help- Sometimes we just need to speak about it out loud t hear ourselves.

3. Spend time being still- You can not hear yourself in chaos and a lot of noise.

4. Limit distractions- I know it's easier to forget about it temporarily but you don't want it to leave an scar.

5. Get devoted to your spiritual life.- You have got to grow closer to God. Give those "too heavy", "too painful", "too much" things to God. It is HIS JOB to deal with those things for you.

You are a cycle breaker.

You are strong.

You are more than enough.

You are amazing. '

You are wonderful.

You are an overcomer.

You are a Resilient Queen.

Keep your head high and your faith higher.

Peace & Blessings,


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