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Change Your Perspective

Queen, where do I actually start? I could talk about how I am overcoming perfectionism. or I could ramble on about how I feel so uncomfortable in my life. Or even I could be mad sad and confused about where I am in my spiritual journey. But honestly, where would the complaining get me? Absolutely, nowhere.

In this God-Fix-My-Life journey, I have truly have had some times where I just think all of these negative thoughts. I sit here and get so upset with myself. The way I view my life is not always in a positive light because of comparison, the unknown and the unseen. What I have learned, though is that what we see is not always what it truly is. We only see our perspective from what we can see with our physical eyes. Let me tell you that if you rely on just your physical eyes, you will be limited. You will go through the motion of life with a limited mindset.

You have to honestly get real with yourself. Focus on the truth. We know that our best blessings were things that we could not see. We did not even know that there was a perfect plan in place for all that we were blessed with. I believe that I was raised as a perfectionist. I only go to say that because the expectation for grades, appearance and work ethic was set to an ultimate high. When your vision is only set on perfectionism that is self-imposed, then you will only be as great as what you see around you in the world.

See that was my first mistake- viewing the world in my own physical eyes. I wanted the accomplishments that I have seen women with in the world. I did not even give a care of focus of what God had for me until I began to feel a stir up of being really uncomfortable. I mean I used to joke about god being the one to make me sick while I was in undergrad to slow me down. But this was a different sick that would last until I finally woke up to what God was calling me to.

I had no more titles, positions or big names to hold on to. Nothing that fulfilled me at the moment. Now I know that it was in God's perfect plan to call me to Him but I fell into a deep depression because I felt like the world did not see me anymore. It was honestly the darkest moment that I have ever had in my life. If you do not wake up and realize that the perfectionism will only leave you limited and unfulfilled, you will spend your life in pain, hurt, depression, bondage and more.

Queen, we are not perfect and that is okay. That is where God comes in and fills us with the love, strength, courage, care, compassion, character, forgiveness, mercy, grace, etc. Must I go on? God is our completion. God is within us for specific reasoning such as being strong for us when we are weak, loving us when we feel unloved, forgiving us of our sins, reminding us of who we are, and never leaving us when we think we are all alone. Queen, that is a God who cares for our very existence!

So, just like I have realized that it was time for a shift in my life. I am going to encourage you Queen to sit down with God and take inventory of your life.

  • Are you making room for God?

  • Are you running into dead-zones on your spiritual journey?

  • Are you serving in positions but quickly getting exhausted?

  • Feeling like you are stuck in your life?

Well, Queen, it is time for a shift. It is time to change your whole life perspective. It is time to go deeper with God. It is time to get in your prayer closet and shake some things up. it is time to begin having a positive outlook on life. There is a season and a reason why things are not adding up- and that is because you can not equal to anything without God. Anything that is worth being or fighting for in this world has to have God included in it.

Go ahead and start...

  • Praying for a shift in your life.

  • Praying for focus in your journey with God.

  • Praying for increase in your faith. (just be ready for this one because you will be tested!)

  • Surrendering your life and everything in it to God.

  • Reading the bible more.

  • Set at least an hour a day out to spend with God.

  • Focusing more on consuming all things focusing on the Lord. (music, sermons, bible app, etc.)

Changing your perspective on how it looks is going to take time and work. You will have to literally change up things that you have been doing forever. You may have to look deeply into your music choices, television shows, friends, family, and job. It is a total lifestyle change when you are making the choice to see life differently so that you can obtain promises like joy, peace, wisdom, understanding, and love to name a few.

Positive ways to change your perspective:

  1. Speak life into your situations.

  2. Write out your feelings and actually process them.

  3. Seek out a therapist to talk about the things that hurt you.

  4. Be patient and enjoy the journey of waiting.

  5. Practice a breathing technique for anxious moments.

  6. Find encouraging scriptures in the bible to help you get through tough times.

  7. Purge anything that feel like clutter or excess mess in your life.

  8. Buy new things that will enhance your growth in your journey.

  9. Find people that can hold you accountable.

  10. Never look back Queen, what is in front of you is apart of your resilience testimony. :)

Peace & Blessings,


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