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Chapter 27: Becoming

Over the years I have always strived in who I was at the very moment but the last few years have been really reflective for me. As I sat over the last few years, I realized that I went through so many transitions that I had stopped tuning in with myself and lost my presence with myself. I had so many moments to fully embrace and be just myself, Toni. After having my daughter, the first few weeks of her arrival taught me to just live and just be who I desire to be.

We create these massive goals that align with us being in a position or holding a title but what if we just strive to become each day? Find another piece of the puzzle that is completing the masterpiece God created- YOU. You deserve to live your life at ease and be all that God has called you to. With obedience and patience with God, life can come as a beautiful breeze. For years, I have been on a hamster wheel of life and never really took the time to slow down and enjoy each moment. It took for me to slow down and recognize all that was around me- the many blessings of God. It started with God's promise in 2013 when I was a troubled and hurt teen down a road to destruction, to me marrying my husband, to me rebuilding my relationship with my mother who I had an estranged relationship with, to having a beautiful daughter after I told God I was unqualified to be a mother because of my traumatic experience with the women who were sent to mother me in my childhood. BUT GOD IS SO FAITHFUL! I want to encourage you to begin a journey of becoming the woman you desire to be. I pray that you spend time with God and do the work. And, always touch bases with yourself to keep refining the woman you are becoming.

For my birthday this year, I am going in with intentionality with the woman I am becoming. As I walk into this new chapter I am embracing all that I am becoming. I am adding everything and I am just faithful that as I embrace ease, that God is going to show out as I pray and continue to grow into all that I desire to be. The healing is about who you are becoming!

See my list below and I pray it encourages you to begin your list of Becoming!

#1- I am present in my mind, body, spirit and soul.

#2- I have an active and thriving prayer life.

#3- I have a strong, ON FIRE, relationship with God.

#4- I am a present and healthy mother.

#5- I am a present and healthy wife.

#6- I am an intentional and discerning intercessor.

#7- I am debt free and financially free.

#8- I am a healed woman inside and out.

#9- I am a hustle-free but at ease entrepreneur.

#10- I am a faithful, God-fearing and God-loving minister.

#11- I am a multi-best selling author.

#12- I am a peaceful woman inside and out.

#13- I am a co-owner of our family home.

#14- I love intentionally.

#15- I am present, empathetic and integral with the people I serve.

#16- I lead a thriving and faithful women's ministry.

#17- I accept healthy friendships and relationships.

#18- I listen to understand.

#19- I am fearless.

#20- I walk bold in faith.

#21- I go after my dreams and goals! #22- I love God, God's people and myself.

#23- I am intentional and gentle with expressing self-love.

#24- I value and steward my time, energy and money well.

#25- I live a happy and joyful life.

#26- I am physically fit and healthy.

#27- My personal favorite: I live beyond my past and trauma and walk boldly in resilience and faith for my personal healing and God's calling on my life.

Praying for all that you are BECOMING Queen!

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