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Decide to Begin Your Healing Journey

Listen girl, we have all been there. We have all been at that place where you feel broken and that you can never be healed or fixed. You feel exhausted from picking up the broken pieces. You feel like there is so much more to you then being done wrong in life. You feel the heaviness and pain in your heart each day. Well let me tell you right now that you can be healed and you can be restored. But, picking up your broken pieces and trying to glue them back together when you have a distorted way of thinking because of your past trauma and hurt is not going to make you whole. I know how eager you are to fix you. I know you think that including some more self care time and just writing it out will make it all better. Surely these will help but there is something bigger and better that will set you in a new place, a new feeling, a new way of life. Let me tell you about the healing we receive when we are believing in God to heal and restore. God will reveal so much more than our broken hearts can come to know because His ways and thoughts are higher. We begin to see God’s love for ALL as we process our situation. Trust me it is a lot to realize when you have seen the hurt as only hurting YOU and God shows you the pain that the person who hurt you experienced. I am talking about a mind blowing girl!

Listen, today and at this moment I need you to choose. I need you to choose to walk out this healing journey with God and do not turn back. But if you do, God will be right there. I need you to decide for God to make you over. To choose for God to be your focus in every thought, decision and action in life. To put God first in all that you do. I need you to regain focus of all the things that God has done for you. God’s character is good. God’s character is loving Father. God’s character is a healer. God’s character is a redeemer. God’s best is for you. God will not forsake you and mislead you. Know that!!! God is not playing about YOU, His daughter. God has called you by name and you have to begin acting like it. And, part of that is walking out your healing journey and allowing God to be all the things in your life. I mean it all sis. Every bit of the moment, the second, the minute, the journey. You need God to fill your life so much that you just know it’s God and not YOU.

Decide to heal so you can see all that God wants you to be. If you are bleeding out and focused on the pain and hurt you can not focus on God. Your judgement and thoughts are clouded. Let me tell you that God does not want you to step at the hurt, the pain or the trauma. God wants you to overcome those things because there is always something bigger and better. God sees you and you have to begin to say yes and walk behind your yes and that is rebuilding who you are.

Begin healing today by trying these strategies:

  • Practicing being grateful for all that you have in your life.

  • Begin working through a resource on forgiveness (journal, faith based book, a story in the bible that is centered on forgiveness).

  • Write and keep a prayer journal pouring out your past hurt, pain, traumas to God and ask God how to heal from these situations.

  • Write and recite affirmations on healing.

  • Find scriptures on healing and put them everywhere you go like work, car, bathroom, bedroom to remind you of the journey that you are on.

Deciding to heal starts with you taking the first step. Let that step be one that you make with God allowing Him to fill you with the joy, the peace, grace, mercy, forgiveness and love you will need on the journey to healing.

You are one step further in resilience!

You got this Resilient Queen!

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