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Forgiveness Is For You, Too!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Dear God, Forgive me for hurting me. Forgive me for the times that I knew the truth and promises you spoke for your people. I mean know it, but I still will beat myself up as if you didn't forgive me. God, I am sorry. . This was apart of my prayer journal entry as I began to feel a stronghold being released off of my life. I was in my own way. I was unable to see past myself standing in my own way. The "little girl- Toni" was still hurting. She was in deep pain. But she had to be reminded that you have to get up and keep walking. You have been forgiven. You have to heal. You have accept the grace and mercy given and pray for strength, inner healing and restoration. . Sometimes we just need to forgive ourselves. We just need to allow ourselves to realize that we messed up and need to move forward. We just need to remember that we mess up sometimes. If God has forgiven us, then that is all we need. We then need to pray that we can begin a process of healing. It is okay to know you messed up and forgive yourself for that situation. But you have to move forward. Do not beat yourself up. It all was a lesson to teach you something along the way. . I noticed that for years, I had not forgiven myself for some of the childhood experiences that I had gone through knowing that I had no control. I had to really take time to forgive myself for blaming myself for these situations. God saw me through it and brought me out of it. And, it was time that I began to act like it. Sometimes we bask in the pain, hurt and depression because it is all we know. It is where we are comfortable. But if you think that's true comfort then I challenge you to walk with God and make a vow to let it go. Forgive and forget. Stick to your foundation of what you know. . You just have to look in the mirror sometimes and just tell yourself you are sorry. You have to start with yourself. You have to remind yourself that you are fully aware of what happened and pray over that situation.

Forgiving yourself is loving yourself unconditionally flaws and all. The vision God has for your life holds more than you know. God needs a generation of believers who have flaws and all to walk in the confidence He gave them and spread gospel. So get up my sister. Remember the foundation. Remember who's you are. Remember what you are and go and live your best life through Christ. I pray for the best of blessings over tour life. I pray for a shaking up of the lies, the negativity, the pain and the hurt. You got this my Queen!!


1. If you forgave them, forgive yourself too. You are just as important.

2. That God forgives us, we just have to repent of our sins.

3. There is true peace in the forgiveness.

4. God gives you grace and mercy my love, you have to give yourself grace too.

5. You have to understand that you are human. You make mistakes.

6. Do not beat yourself up over someone else's actions.

7. Forgiving yourself is loving yourself.

Take these as reminders that you deserve the forgiveness too. Forgiveness includes you too!! Love you Queen!

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