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Embracing God's Promise: A Message of Healing and Renewal for Us as Christian Trauma Survivors!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Hey Healing Bestie!

I get it – believing in something greater than the pain we've been through can feel like an uphill battle. Whenever we look ahead, the shadows of the past have this sneaky way of creeping in, trying to overshadow the brighter future we're trying to envision. It's like there's always a voice within us that finds the negative twist in everything. We've all been there – those moments when we question if it's all just a stretch too far, if there's some reason why it might never work out. I've been there too, believe me. Countless times, I've unknowingly undermined the amazing potential God instilled in me. But you know what? I've hit a point in my life where I'm done with the excuses. I'm over neglecting the unconditional love God offers, and I'm ready to fully embrace the abundance He designed for me.

Trauma has this way of happening, of zipping past us while life's racing ahead, leaving us little chance to face ourselves. And you know when that moment to face our own selves arrives? Exactly when we feel the least prepared, most inconveniently. I still remember last year, sitting before my vision board, having a heart-to-heart with God. I honestly told Him that I didn't feel worthy of a family. It made sense in my mind – I lacked a solid foundation, I carried wounds of rejection and abandonment. Motherhood? Oh, that felt miles away for someone like me, who'd never seen a good example of it. But here's the thing – God's faithfulness is beyond words. Even when I struggled to love myself, He truly loved me. Turns out, I desired a family, despite never seeing it. And then, come March, I found out I was carrying a little girl. The very thing missing from my vision board became God's way of saying, "I've got this, and I've got you." Throughout my pregnancy, I felt mothered by God, learning lessons I'll share with my daughter someday.

Let's be real – there are days I've had to give myself a pep talk, reminding myself that God is fulfilling His promises, no matter the odds stacked against us. I've held tight to Luke 1:45, where it says, "Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!" This verse resonates in my heart, reminding me that God always keeps His word. It's not about whether He'll show up – it's whether we'll show up for what He's called us to do.

Right now, as I embrace the incredible journey of motherhood, I want to extend my hand to you. I want to encourage you to hold onto those dreams you're afraid to believe in because of your past pain. Take those desires to God, and keep the faith alive, even when the shadows threaten to snuff it out. God is unwaveringly faithful. His love reaches beyond our comprehension.

You know, there are times when we underestimate ourselves, but guess what? God's counting on us, always believing in the strength He's placed within us. So, I'm asking you to reclaim those dreams, the ones buried beneath the weight of your trauma. Start dreaming again, start loving again, and know that the desires of your heart are not out of reach. In God, we're reborn anew. We shed the identity of our pain and embrace a fresh identity crafted by God.

Today, let's stand up to our trauma. Let's tell it that it doesn't define us anymore. Instead, let's say a big "yes" to God, trusting that He will fulfill His promises in the most extraordinary ways.

Your Healing Bestie,


Check out this podcast episode on God's Promises:

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