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Holiday Heal & Chill: Unwrap the Gift of Grace

As I reflect on the year of 2020, I really can say that God kept His promises to me. God truly got me through and that is a huge blessing for me and my family. I am reminded on this day to be grateful for all that God has given me unseen and seen. That is the true gift and nothing can replace God’s love for us always season after season. I wanted to share this blog post as the last blog post as a part of our Holiday Heal & Chill. My hope is that you enjoy the Christmas and New Year Season and remember the true gift we have as believers- our relationship with God that saves us each and every day when leveling up in our faith and resilience. We know that we will get through because we have God. So, 2020 has been a lot but let us take a moment to ponder on one of the best gifts God gives us: the gift of grace and that we can give grace to ourselves and others as we keep pursuing God on our faith journey.

The holiday season is a season filled with magic, miracles and gifts. But it can also be filled with some memories from the past and some truths that literally remind us of the pain and hurt. Navigating trauma and post trauma during the holidays can be difficult if you are always beating yourself up and never giving yourself any credit. This season I want to encourage you to give yourself grace. This season is going to depend on you and what you give to it so why not go in with the spirit of grace. It is okay to fully give yourself grace during the holiday season.

Giving yourself grace may look like:

  • Relaxing more.

  • Slowing down more.

  • Being more intentional with your time.

  • Not allowing yourself to go down a rabbit hole.

  • Striving to please God and not people.

  • Allowing yourself to have fun.

  • Prioritizing time for family and friends.

  • Giving yourself time to feel your emotions.

  • Forgiving yourself for the past.

  • Learning some new hobbies that bring you joy.

  • Learning to let go of the unknown.

  • Finding ways to love yourself.

When grace is reference in the Bible, it is referenced when:

God’s love is highlighted.

God gives mercy.

God gives forgiveness.

God gives us favor.

God continues to provide.

Grace is God’s special love and mercy that we have from Him because we are His own. There are no reward points or any way that you can earn it but to believe in God. So simple, such a gift from our loving Father! So when I think about giving myself grace, I think about what a life being with God truly means and how can I authentically live in that each day. So when it comes to the holidays, functioning in the spirit of grace is just living in the grace that God gives you.

Pray with me:

Father God,

Thank you for the times that you give me your love and mercy. In those times you show your true grace for me. Thank you for your grace God. The grace shown towards me is another representation of how good you are and the life of abundance you have for me. Father, forgive me for the times I forget that you have provided everything I need to truly live a life full of grace. I pray for the guidance and strength to live in the spirit of grace each day. Remind me of the ways, big and small, that you show me grace. Your Word says that your grace is sufficient for me and your power is made perfect in my weakness. Thank you for being such a loving Father in the intricate parts of my life.

Love your daughter,


Give yourself grace Queen!!!

Peace & Blessings,

Toni Simmons Husband

May you and your family be blessed!

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