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It's Time to Heal

"It hurts God!

I just do not see how I can get out of this dark place!

But, God why do I have to forgive them?

They hurt me and you want me to forgive them.

It is not fair.

It is not right.

Why do they get to get away with so much and you want me to be good.

But that hurt my feelings.

They intentionally knew it would hurt me."

See these were some of the things that I would argue with God about. I would sit there and ask God why should I forgive, let things go and let things be what they need to be without my interference. And, now that time has passed I can surely say that God knows best and God knows what we need at all times. I would be so hurt and wanted to put these bandages on these broken pieces and keep going. But such a loving Father that we serve that there is so much love that God would not even ourselves to cause harm to us. God wants us to be healed girl. God wants us to overcome the obstacles because God is already aware of the boldness and fearlessness that comes with that, God knows His daughter. You have to remember that in God’s eyes you are so valuable and special and that God is always working on us to be bigger and better than who we were yesterday.

But, let’s have a sister to sister talk about how hard it is to heal when you have hate, unforgiveness, hurt and pain in your heart. Let’s talk about how hard it is to walk away from when somebody talks down to you and it reminds you of when you were raised in a home where you did not have a voice. Let’s talk about how people’s words bring up past traumas and hurt and you begin to take the bandages off of your wounds and bleed out on others because you need to teach them a lesson.

Yeah…..let’s have that talk. You have to begin healing yourself and that begins with taking a walk with God and allowing God to reveal to you who you are His image. You need to realize that there is so much more to you than pain and hurtful situations. You are God’s creation and never forget that in the test and trials of life. God is always working on you to be the best version of what He has called you to. You have to begin to let go and let God work on your behalf. You have to let God be the one to fix your heart and clean you out and make you brand new. You come into a new person when you surrender your life as a sacrifice to god. You are made new in God as you continue to walk with God. Your heart changes. Your mind changes. Your actions change. Your life completely starts to change as you have tunnel vision on God and you look back in awe of how far God has brought you. You begin to bloom into a new flower (creation). You become who you are called to be all of the greatness and excellence that God wants to exude and illuminate through you.

You need to remember that in God you are:






Cared for.


Provided for.









Never forget who you are when you are healing. God wants you to be healed. Imagine all of the beautiful words in the bible were put there because God knew you would need the encouragement. You would need to be reminded of the good works that come when you are believing in God to love and care for you in each day of your life. The magnitude of that is so big and amazing that God loves you so much that he put the resource here for you to draw closer to Him in times like healing and restoration. I want to encourage you to lay down all of your hurts and pain before God and make a commitment to healing. Make a commitment to the journey of healing. Use the journaling prompts below to help you to get clear on your walk with God in healing.

Answer these questions in your journal or download the PDF here and will also be in our resource library on the website.

The point of this activity is that you can set out some things before God and let God do exactly what God is going to do. It is not your job to take care of the situation. God is in control. You can not go back to the past and what things need to be. When you are being made new in God there is a little special thing called grace that you are given to get through the hardest of hard times. You deserve the healing, the restoration, the joy, the love, the peace….honey ALL OF THE FRUIT that comes with you deciding to let go of the pain and hurt and receive the healing journey that God has set before you to go on. You got this and you have to know that God is with you every step of the way.


Healing is for me and I receive the journey of healing with God today.

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