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Jesus Knew. God Knew.

Matthew 28:5-6

The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.

The sun is shining.

The wind is blowing (in Georgia atleast lol).

And, today is the most beautiful representation of Jesus and all that was turned for good.

As I ponder on today, I think of the times that we go through hard times and adversity in life. The times that lead us to think we are not worthy. The times that lead us to forgetting what God did for us. The times we sulk in disappointment. The times we dwell in unhappiness, fear, doubt and insecurities. But, we for some moments forget what was done for us. We forget that it was all forgiven on the cross. That Jesus died so that the trauma, pain and hurt would not be held as a sin but turned for good.

Jesus knew.

God knew.

Now, you know that your life is a living miracle. Whatever it is lay it on the cross today. Give it to Jesus and walk. I am reminded of the time biblically of Holy Week & Good Friday through Easter Sunday which at that time it was not identified as such. I think about the difficulty of those who believed in Jesus how hard it was to witness him slain on the cross. The sight that could have broken the most ambitious heart after Jesus. It reminds me of the times that our hearts go broken or we get lost in what seems like the hardest seasons of our lives.

Then, to continue on through what was a stillness and change in the atmosphere of Saturday took great courage and strength. Like the many times that we go through traumatic times and adversity that we do not see ever ending. The atmosphere changes, darkness is our focus and we just can not see a way out. That is Saturday for most of us.

BUT-Sunday is the time when joy comes. A time when you are given a double portion for the suffering. Jesus says meet me and you are rejoined with love of God that you came to know before. You are then filled with strength, courage and joy to make even one more step, one more day, one more week, one more year and a lifetime here on earth and eternal life with Jesus Christ.

I made this resemblance for you and me. For the times in life where we feel like we are going through crucifixion and that life has no more to offer us. That Jesus surely knew that we would face hard times. That we would have to fight through what seems impossible. That we would maybe be the only one in the battle at times. That we may be the one that stood for what is right. That life would feel like this hard journey that we one day find breakthrough and through the cracks shines light and that is where we meet Jesus.

Jesus knew.

God knew.

The past month and a half has been so heavy for me as life has had its course. I kept running away from facing a lot that God has been trying to speak with me about. Honestly, it hurts when God is telling you to just share your testimony with people and live your life. It feels like God wants me to re-experience it all over again but I am just trying to run away. That is all I felt that I wanted. But, the beauty in that was that after all the fuss and fight I am back to where God wanted me- in a position of obedience and prayer. Although life does seem like a lot right now, I have made a decision to not give up. I made a decision to believe in God even when it is hard. And, that is what it is right now. Jesus knew because God knew. All things work for my good ALWAYS. Regardless of what life throws I want you to know that as well.

Today, tomorrow, the next year, the rest of your life- Jesus and God do not change.

Jesus knew and God knew.

Your life is worth living. Your praise is worth giving. Your life is good and God is working it out. Rest in that!

We still pray.

We still praise.

We still believe.

Because our life is restored into new when we live a life in Christ.

Happy Easter!

Happy Resurrection Day!

Thank you Jesus that we can walk from sin, trauma, adversity and pain because of what you did on the cross and be birthed into new and forever restored!

Love you Queen!

Peace & Blessings

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