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Make a Decision

There is a time for everything under the heavens. We know that. We hear it all the time. But there is a special time for us in life when we have to make a decision. We have to decide to no longer be slaves. We choose to be free. We choose to follow our Savior. We choose to lay down our life before the Father and never live the same.


Today, I need you to choose. I need you to be firm in your answer too. Make a decision and do not waiver on it. A personal relationship with God is what will help you overcome the pain, the hurt, the lies, the trauma. Jesus, sees you and has already saved you. It was done on the cross so that you can be free. The bondage of the past is gone once you decide to make a decision to really commit to laying out your life before the Lord. What will you do?

Saying Yes

This is not an easy journey but it will all be worth it when God gives you the well done and you have lived out your life purposefully through God. Saying yes may require some next level things of you but once you make the decision, there are some things that you have to give up. Think of that, what can you give up to be all that you can be for the Kingdom?

#1- Decide to heal from the pain and hurt in your life. Healing brings forgiveness of not only yourself but others. Letting go of the built up anger, pain and hurt will free your heart up to be filled with love. God’s love will restore every bit of pain you will have to give up.

#2- Devote to prayer in all that you do. Whether it is good or bad. Whether you are happy or sad. Pray through it. Live a life filled with prayer. Never feel like you can not reach out to God. He wants to hear from you. He is always with you, you just need to speak. Prayer can start with a cry out from your heart. Prayer can be in many forms. You can write it out, praise and worship it out, say it and you can just be still and sit with God. He will meet you!

#3- Consume those things of God. Surround yourself with people, places and things of God. Let your heart not be strayed away from the goodness of God. When your eyes, ears and thoughts are fixed on God, you have nothing but to focus on God. He wants you to always be in His presence and be in relationship with Him.

  • Listen to worship music on your car rides

  • Listen to faith based podcasts

  • Watch sermons

  • Watch faith based movies

  • Place your favorite scriptures in your most frequently visited places

  • Recite scriptures that uplift you each day

  • Have a daily quiet time where you go meet God each day

  • Keep a prayer journal

#4- Point to God in all you do. Listen, to fit an answer to a question or think you know it is one thing. But to seek the Creator for the solution is something powerful and beyond us. Seek God in all that you do and depend on Him. Life does not have to be hard for you. Life does not have to be hard. Put your life in God’s hands by deciding to point to Him. When you are helping others, seek Him for guidance. Seek Him to guide you in answering someone in need. Ask Him what you should do in your everyday life. Lay out before Him in all your roles like being a mother, daughter, sister, friend, prayer sister, and whatever He has called you to.

Joseph Pointed to God - Read Genesis 37, 39-41

Daniel Pointed to God - Read Daniel 6: 1-28

Noah Pointed to God - Read Genesis 5:32-10:1

There comes a time when we need to make a decision to NEVER BE THE SAME and LIVE A LIFE THROUGH CHRIST. We have to declare out of where we are right now, whether good or bad, that we will be committed to laying before God and giving our all in this life. Decide now to give it your all to this FAITH journey.


I am loved and covered by God who watches over me and covers me through the good and the bad. He sees me through my darkest times and is with me each and every step of the way. I am saved and given a new life in Christ. May each day serve as a reminder to how good God is to me.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you God for all you do for me and in my life each day. I give to you my all. Without you, I am nothing. But with you, I have been given life. A fulfilled one. An abundant one. In all times, I pray to serve you and give you all the glory. Father, you see your daughter and I am so grateful for your love and the care you have of me. Here is my life God, I lay it before you. May my mind be filled with thoughts of you. May my ears be closed off to the world, but open to hear your instructions. May my mouth only utter your Word and speak life. May my hands do the work you want for me to do. May my body be filled with the Holy Spirit to make sound decisions in my life. May my feet be guided by you. May I never forget how deeply I need you each and every day in my life. Amen.

Peace & Blessings,


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