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Monday Devotional: Get Back to Your Position!

Get Back to Your Position!

Get back to a state of life where you were not in the way of what God has for you.

Get back to a place where your pride is not taking over your life.

Get back to a place where you are not blocking your blessings.

Get back to a place of peace where you were not triggered.

Get back on YOUR KNEES.

Get back to PRAYING.

Get back to TRUSTING GOD.

Get back to SURRENDER.

Get back to a CHILD LIKE FAITH.

Sometimes we get lost, confused, deterred from the path but God always invites us back with open arms. It is okay to repent for even trying to make it without God and go back and take YOUR POSITION AT HIS FEET.

This time do not lose sight of God. This time do not idolize what you see with your physical eyes over your spiritual eyes. God has everything you need. Be still and trust God with every step. You are now back home, now take comfort in all that God has for you. Now, each day is a new test, a new attack, a new battle as a believer, choose YOUR POSITION WITH GOD each and every day!!


Father, thank you for the times that you cover me even when I do not deserve it. Thank you for your love and protection in the places you never designed me to be. Thank you that your love spreads beyond my own selfish ways and beliefs. I repent for thinking that I knew better. Forgive me God for taking on that position in my life. I release the pride, the perfectionism, the trauma, the triggers, the pain, the hurt that all make me believe that I have to take a position of war or fight. May my heart be reminded of your great works in times that are hard and difficult. May I be reminded of how you turn everything to work for my good. Clean my heart God. Cleanse me of anything that is not aligned with you. Please prepare my heart, body and mind for healing and restoration. Sitting at your feet is the position I want to take forever. At the place I always am welcomed. My home. My place of rest and peace with you God. I pray to come into being the servant of you each and every day to choose you not only when it is easy but when it is hard. Here is where I want to be. It is by faith that you have graced me for this position for the rest of my life. Thank you for the ability to always come back to you!

Thank you Jesus for the reason I can be forgiven and graced each day.

Thank you Holy Spirit for the guidance each day.

Thank you Father for your continued provision and love in my life each and every day.


Now take a seat and work with God EACH AND EVERY day on growing deeper with Him and fix your vision on God!

Scriptures to meditate on:

Romans 8:28

Hebrews 12:2

Philippians 4:13


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