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Mornings with Jesus are Important

Listen I remember waking up without purpose. I can remember how I pressed through days just thinking I had it all together and that was not the case. But if I can be honest with you I am not even sure how I made it through those times. I do not know how I was making it through but I know now that it was God and the day that He called me it was time for me to be more on purpose.

Most people know me for my life after I came to a life with Jesus (which it should be that way because we die to our old selves once we come to accept Jesus in our heart- 2 Corinthians 5:17) so there was so much to let go of when God called for me. I always remember how I was before I came to this place and it was honestly zombie like behavior. I can say now I did not strive for purpose or even have a mindset that I was worthy and taken care of each day. I remember the insecurities. I remember the hate I felt in my heart and how mad I was inside. I can go back into the little teenager who was in so much pain that she bled on others because she did not know how important it was to go to God for healing.

Now, I am in a better place. I realize the significance of being in the presence of God each day. That for me means inviting Jesus into my day in the mornings. It means choosing Jesus each day as I wake up. Each day is a new day for me. Now that I am more intentional about my relationship and all that is at work every day that I wake up I do not even try to play with my life.

My mornings are sacred for me especially the time I spend with Jesus. Listen, I can wake up late and will still make it to that time. I notice that my days are better when I first lay out everything before God and I am able to rest knowing that my day is in His presence. There is so much relief in that! I want to encourage you to fill time in your day to spend some special time with just you and Jesus. Literally, just to refuel, restore, regain, relove, refocus. Finding some time to do a few things that get you in that space in being made new is important and helps you with choosing righteousness each day.

My mornings in quiet time include:

Reading my devotionals on my bible app and my new favorite, Jesus Calling.

Girl, it is so crazy to me how devotionals can speak to the very thing that you are going through. That was seriously the feeling I got when reading my devotionals. I recently have brought the Jesus Calling Devotion and it has been the best devotional for me as I am deepening my relationship with God to be intimate. This devotional reminds me of God’s character more and more each day.

Writing in my prayer journal.

Sometimes I find that I will keep things inside if I do not have somewhere to vent or talk about my feelings. Having this chance each morning to pour out all of my feelings and what is currently going on in my prayer walk. I am able to just pour out and let things go. The more I write the more I can feel God’s presence. Writing out what is going on helps you to process your emotions as well. That helps when you are really trying to live your life right and make sure that your thoughts and actions are aligned with God. Writing it out gives you a chance to see it written down on paper and release it to God.

Writing in my gratitude journal.

This is a new practice for me and I am doing my best to discipline myself when it comes to gratitude. Each day or night (or both) you write what you are grateful for and why. This is important as you are going through difficult times and facing adversity in life. This helps you to see what you have and receive them as blessings. In this you can focus on the good in your life. To be honest, it is hard sometimes and you will only write one or a few things but that is okay, give yourself grace and try to write one more than you did yesterday! You got this Queen!

Praise and worship.

Finding some music that speaks to your heart and helps you to get in a still place and remember that God is with you in it all will help you to get through the toughest of times. I make a playlist to go to for different moods for praise and worship. Sometimes I just need the deep reminders of how Jesus saved me then other times I just need some chill Christian rap that reminds me of how God operates in my life. It literally is all up to how you feel. If you need a playlist to get you started girl, check out our worship playlist here:


My experience with using affirmations started from a hurt place. Girl, I was speaking so ugly to myself since I was a little girl and as I grew in God, God reminded me that the version of who God sees me as did not add up to the negative view I had of myself. It took therapy and the bible to get me out of that way of thinking and each day I am sitting here literally affirming myself in each and every moment. I know now the importance of making sure that I am aligning myself with who God sees me as. Talk about being equipped with the Truth so that when hard times and attacks come you already know who you are and whose you are.

Whatever it takes, run towards God each and every day. Align yourself with the Word of God and whose you are before you even go out into the world. It is so important to have that time each day set aside so that you can be given proper guidance and instruction in your daily life.

Peace & Blessings,

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