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Prioritize the Clutter

We all seem to find ourselves in the clutter sometimes. If it is not the need to clear out our physical spaces, there is a need to clear out ourselves emotionally and spiritually. The clutter can be overwhelming over time if you hold on to it because things constantly are coming in your life piece by piece as the days grow older. Tackling the clutter all at once may be an even more tiring tasks. But there is a way to do it. That is through prioritization.

You are going to have to put your priorities first. You are going to have to do what is urgent and most important. Then, you will see step by step that thing become less stressful and things get accomplished. You may have many roles and many responsibilities and it may require different deadlines you have to meet. That is fine there are solutions below to help you start prioritizing today.

Make a to-do list

Yes, this is probably the best brain dump for me. I feel 100 times better when it is on paper and not on my mind. It is a huge relief. Take out at least 30 min - 1 hour to sit and write out what you have to do. Then, once the list is written out. List your to-dos by most important to least important. Or another option is day by day highlight what you CAN accomplish for that day. Notice I said can. Not what superwoman can but realistically what you can easily fit into your schedule.

Brain dump

So yes a blank sheet of paper can help you the most when you are tying to make right of the chaos. Brain dumping can help relieve your mind of all of the things you have to do. So when you brain dump you write every thing that comes to mind. Then, once you have done that, you have to take some time to review what you wrote down and then prioritize by asking yourself these questions.

  • What sticks out to you on the paper most?

  • What are your big tasks and small tasks?

  • What can you do today within a 30 min. to 1 hour time block?

  • What is the hugest task on your paper?

  • What is unnecessary on your paper?

Once you have answered those questions, you get more clarity on where you need to start to tackle the priorities first in your life.

Make a sticky note chart

This one is fun and very accountable. So it is what it sounds like. You will take sticky notes and write the tasks on those sticky notes. You will put them in categories of what needs to get done. The sticky notes will have to be posted somewhere you will see them each day. Also, this helps you to see the tasks slowly going down. It will ease some of the stress of having so much to do.

Eisenhower Matrix

This is something new I discovered that is really cool. This chart helps you to list the most important to the least important. As you see you end up either delegating or eliminating the least important tasks because honestly we start to see that some of those least important tasks can be given to someone else to do or we really can do away with doing it. See the image below for how it goes.

Whichever one that you choose just make sure that it is something that you would enjoy doing while you are managing your tasks. It is nothing like working through something that can be overwhelming and doing it in a way you hate. Do what is going to make you happy while slowly digging through it each day.

Some reminders:

(partly because I know Resilient Queens be acting up when it comes to these goals honey!)

  • Rome was not built in one day!

  • The tasks will get done EVEN if you work at them slowly.

  • Be realistic with yourself. If you can only manage 1-2 tasks a day then do that.

  • Do not stress yourself out. Realize that you are only one person.

  • If you can delegate the task, do it!

  • You have accomplished things before, so you will accomplish it this time. Keep going!

The #CleartheClutterChallenge is off to an AMAZING start. This is to empower and encourage you ladies to keep up the great work. Break down the clutter step by step, you got this, Queen!

Peace & Blessings


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