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Refresh & Restart Series: Embracing Emotional Renewal

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

As I reflect on the past year, Vivian Green's poignant lyrics in "Emotional Roller Coaster" echo in my mind. It's been a year of profound transformation, one that compelled me to confront and process the pain and heartache that had taken residence within me. My relationship with my emotions has been a tumultuous one, often feeling as though they operated independently from my conscious self.

Our emotions serve as a mirror, reflecting the depths of our experiences and inner world. The power to let them dictate our lives lies squarely in our hands. It's easy to lose ourselves in the tides of emotion, to lose sight of when it all began. Yet, it's crucial to acknowledge that dwelling in our emotions can lead us down paths of both constructive and destructive decisions. The onus, ultimately, is on us to choose how we navigate this emotional terrain.

Through the highs and lows, I've come to understand that processing my feelings is far more beneficial than allowing them to fester and eventually explode. It took time and a few hard-learned lessons to grasp the true importance of managing my emotions. Building resilience through our journey can be an arduous task, laden with emotion, but it's a vital step towards healing. If, like me, you've long recognized the need for an emotional reset, you're on the right path.

When grappling with our emotions, there are three essential truths to bear in mind:

#1: It is perfectly valid to feel exactly as you do in this moment.

#2: This emotion is transient; nothing remains the same forever.

#3: Shedding tears is not a sign of weakness, but rather a testament to our humanity.

God's love runs deep, permeating our hearts and purging all that doesn't belong. He grants us the time and space to discern what lies before us, enabling our faith and trust in Him to flourish each passing day. Often, our emotions pave the way for much-needed healing. I've come to realize that God makes no mistakes. When we invest the time in understanding why we feel the way we do, we uncover the very message He's been trying to impart all along - that we are cherished, His beloved daughters.

The next time you find yourself ensnared in an emotional labyrinth, I implore you to lean on God, entrusting in His divine plan for your life - a plan steeped in hope and promise.

A Prayer for Emotional Restoration:

Heavenly Father,

You are a magnificent God, overflowing with love and a desire for my well-being. Your grace and mercy have been the catalyst for transformative change in my life. Guide my steps, dear God, as I navigate this emotional journey. Lead me towards genuine healing in You. Let the past remain where it belongs. Through my Savior, Jesus Christ, I find forgiveness, knowing that Your Word resides deep within my heart. May it illuminate my path as I traverse this healing process. I pray, Lord, that the Holy Spirit moves within me, guiding my actions and decisions in alignment with Your divine will. Today, I cast out the spirits of unforgiveness, pain, fear, and doubt, inviting in Your boundless love, forgiveness, endurance, and joy. Thank You, God, for your profound love and for cleansing my heart. In Jesus' name, I pray.

Peace & Blessings,


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