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Transition Season

"Start there. Stay there. Learn there. Make the best of it." On a daily basis these are some of the phrases I say to myself just to remain clam in this phase of life I feel I am in. In this season I have been knowing that a breakthrough is coming while enduring so many tests and letting go of things that do not serve me but I am growing all at the same time. I believe that I am transitioning. Transitioning all for the best.

Transition, by definition, means the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another per the google. Then as you dig deeper into the context in the bible it can mean a series of things but mainly it speaks about the spirit being still and not jumping into anger, fear, doubt or not to be dismayed. It also speaks a lot about your faith and knowing that God has plans for your life and sticking to the belief that God is in control through situations we endure.

The most awesome thing about enduring a time of transition is knowing that you are coming into something greater. You know that you are growing. You know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The downside to it, is the endurance of the season. It is not always comforting and easy. It may actually be a very testing season. That is the part where I want to help. Although the transition phase is not easy does not mean that you can not persevere through it like the wonderful child of God you are.

I have come up with some tips from experience of going through transition phases. These tips will help you to endure the time in the transition season while actually helping you to grow all at the same time. It will all be worth it trust me!

Tips to help you during transition season:

1. Acceptance- You have to do your best to accept that this is where you are. Acceptance plays a huge role in your awareness. You have to understand that this is your season. You can learn so much from actually being fully aware in this season. Acceptance means that you are allowing yourself to feel every moment of this season and are open to learning anything that you need to learn from this season.

2. Document how you feel- You have to keep a journal or save it to your notes in your phone. You have to document all that comes to you as you are taking the time to transition. There will be far too many things received for it not to be written down somewhere. Your memory can not handle all of that information. Do not stress yourself to remember it. Write it down and review it at time where you may be seeking answers or just stuck.

3. Be open to change- This season is meant to help you grow in areas you need to grow in. You have to be open to new things. You have to be open to change. The season may be all uncomfortable but you have to be okay with adjusting as you go. It will make it easier to fully transition into the new chapter or season you are going into. Change is always good.

4. Let go of perfectionism- I know we all were taught a certain way to do things. We had to impress someone to get to where we are. But as you grow in spirit, you begin to understand that the only one that needs to be impresses is God. We have to let go of the perfectionism to allow God to operate in our lives especially where we are weak. He can be many things to us in our humility and obedience but to a perfect person he is nothing. Where would the glory to God be in perfect people? Just let the idea go that everything needs to be picture perfect and a certain way. It will always be for your good with God.

5. Gratitude- Be thankful. Count your blessings. You need to create an atmosphere of gratefulness so that you can change your mindset during this time. Keeping a spirit of thankfulness for where you are helps with getting you where you need to go. Keeping a gratitude journal really helps. Start by documenting 10 things a day that you are grateful for.

6. Live your life- I know it is easy to be worried and stressed about the whole transition season. But let me tell you, it is worth every bit of the next chapter you are about to embark. You better enjoy your life each day. It is not promised. Make the best of growth. Take it day by day. Life is a journey, not a destination so it flows. You better live it to its fullest!

In all stages through life, trust God. God is our all in all. We can not do this thing alone. I know you may be in this season lost, confused and uncomfortable. But just know you are being prepared. You are being groomed. Your breakthrough is coming. Pray to be guided and led by God in this season. You got this!

Peace & Blessings


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