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A Test of Faith

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

According to Merriam-Webster, faith is belief, trust in and loyalty to God; to believe and have strong conviction something.

Faith is that one word that can be taken so many different ways but it truly is about your relationship with God that determines what this word means to you. Faith is the special trust that you have with God. Faith is knowing that God is going to show up over and over again. Faith is the love we show to God for his everlasting love for us. Faith is knowing that it will work out despite what it looks like. Faith is your ability to hold on through anything just because God is going to show up in the right place and time.

As women, we take on so many roles and are naturally protectors of those whom we love so that may hinder our faith at times. We are natural lovers, healers, and nurturers so it is apart of us to want the best for others and ourselves. It is so important that we do not overbear in our nurturing spirit that we forget that we can not do it all on our own. God is our all in all. God steps in even when we are there in the storm, so cast all your cares unto him. We have to show God that we trust and love him and that is with our faith.

3 Secret Ingredients to Having Faith:

#1- Learn who God is for yourself- Although we are taught to know who God is from a young age, it is so important that we have our own built idea of who God is. It helps with our relationship with him.

#2- Build your own relationship with God- As much as we see the substance in others who we inspire to be like, we must not have our relationship with God through anyone else. Yes, you have to treat your relationship with God like you would any other relationship. It is a work hard play hard thing.

#3- Practice, Practice, Practice- Be consistent with God. Show up for quiet time. Repeat it over and over until you feel a shift in your relationship. Keep going anything worth having is going to take a lot of practice and work.

BONUS: Enjoy the process! If you enjoyed this post, there will be more posts that speak on faith and the journey with God.

That is all. Be faithful and love God! - Toni

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