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All Is Well? But, Is It Really?

Queen, are you taking care of yourself? If I was to throw some words like exercising, eating healthy, healthy skin, mental health, emotional health, what would your reaction be?

As women, we have to be the beautiful souls we are and take care of everyone and everything we love then we give to ourselves. And, at the end there is not that much to give. Then, we start it over again the next day. But, active participation in our wellness is what makes us better to help everyone else. If we are not our best selves, it shows in the love we give and the work we do for others.

Just recently, I took this amazing and wonderful survey for my health provider and let me tell you that thing told me I was overly stressed, overweight, not getting enough sleep and needed to exercise more. Some things like exercising...well I try to do my best, lol. But everything else was a shocker and it just opened my eyes really to what could actually be happening. I was not tending to myself regularly like I should be. I was not focusing on my needs at the end of the day. I was being everything for everybody and nothing for myself. I surely got my notebook and wrote down what areas I was not focusing on and vowed to work on those areas. It was not only my physical wellness that was on the line, it was my mental and emotional health that was at high risk with my stress skyrocketing.

It should not take a survey or test for you to wake up and smell the coffee. You should be able to be in tune with your body so well that the warning signs actually hit you. Take care of yourself by any means necessary.

Here are 3 ways you can begin taking better care of yourself through wellness:

#1- Schedule out time in the morning to have quiet time. In that time you can spend some time with God, you can journal, you can pray, you can meditate, you can exercise. THIS IS TIME FOR YOU!!

#2- Make a list of what areas you need to work on when it comes to your health and wellness whether it is physical, emotional, mental or social. Get clear on your growth in wellness.

#3- Take it day by day. Rome was not build in day! It will take time, patience and practice.

#4- GET UP AND GET THE MOVING! Exercise is good for your body and you should be doing it daily not occasionally.

Love you ladies. Stay encouraged to be well this year!

Peace & Blessings


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