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Don't Take Grace for Granted

There I was in the midst of trying once again to figure it all out. I was stuck again. I was lost. I was trying to balance all in my life. I was trying to make people who did not care, care about me. I was lacking to see people who loved and cared for me. I still had that wall up. I was hurt. That was all that mattered to me. There I was dwelling in pain and hurt silently because I did not know what the next step was.

I was in church this Sunday and there was God reminding me about the grace that was given over my life. He gave me the word "rebirth". That means that something new is coming. I had been down for too long trying to figure out the hurt and pain. I was not stopping to count my blessings. God had brought me from so much. I was stuck in what happened, how hurt I was.

God gives us grace over our life to remind us that there is so much more for our lives. We are not always perfect. We make mistakes in life and God still graces us with another chance. There is so much forgiveness that God gives us. Thank you Jesus for being our teacher and guiding us out of doing wrongful things and to serve others despite the circumstance. Jesus taught us love in all we do. Peter denied Jesus three times and Jesus told him that he would but Jesus love for Peter still remained after the denial. That just reminded me of all the times I denied God when He told me not to do something and I did it anyways out of emotion. It felt good in the moment to live out of my flesh not my spirit.

Whatever you are in this current moment, remember that God loves you. God love you a lot. Yes, things are not perfect but the story is already been written. God has a calling for each of us. Every day is not peachy but it is purposeful towards our journey as believers. God will provide for you. God will comfort you in hard times. God will wipe away tears you though would stain your heart with pain forever. God can give you peace from turmoil. You have to learn to let go and let God direct every step of your path. Yes, your pain got you down, but there is a "rebirth" God can give you regardless of what you did. Unconditional love is a love that God fulfills us with. Keep moving forward. Keep looking at God. Do not take this grace that God has given you for granted. Start moving like you have an unbreakable and unshakable faith.

- Get back in your prayer closet.

- Pray until it gets better.

- Keep a journal to track the amazing things that God shows you.

- Stay inspired, stay faithful.

- Forgive and have internal peace about the past.

- Live in thankfulness. Be thankful for what God has given you in the past, today, tomorrow and forever.


Dear God,

Thank you God for all of the things that you have brought me out of. You gave me grace and I did not deserve it. Thank you for loving me. You loved me through the storm. I am so grateful for the grace. Please use me Lord to not take this grace for granted. To move with expectancy of your blessings. Increase my faith. I want to have a burning fire for you God. Let me be used to spread your word God to your people so that they may know of whose they are. A simple reminder of how great you are to us. I give you all the glory, honor and praise. Thank you Jesus! Amen!

I pray for each of you ladies who are reading you and hope you do not take your grace for granted. Let God use you for your calling and walk in obedience. Have an amazing week!

Peace & Blessings


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