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Dear Resilient Queen,

This season is for focus. Focus on what the vision is. Focus on all that you feel. Focus on the call. Do not allow people to get the best of you in this season. Take the time to listen to your mind, body and spirit in this season. Things will be sent your way to distract you from your course but you have to keep going. Do not let the thoughts of the past scare you away from moving forward. We are some given the obstacles to grow in strength, confidence and wisdom. Take it as an area of growth. Level up in this season. If that means limiting some things so you can truly focus, then do all of that! It is time to get on your game Queen!

Focus does not mean...

- Feeding into negative energy.

- Allowing others' opinions to bother you.

- Allowing social media to distract you.

- Self-hate

- Self-doubt

- Self-sabotage

- Holding your dreams up because of what someone else thinks.

Focus may mean...

- Getting in your journal and documenting every moment.

- Making a to-do list and actually crossing things off task by task.

- Getting quiet and watching God work.

- Being still and not make any moves until instructed.

- Being observant of your surroundings and noting what you see.

- Switching up some things that will better serve you.

- Creating a routine that works for you.

- Setting boundaries that protect you as an individual.

Resources that can help with focus...

1. Personal development and self-help books

2. Writing in a journal

3. Meditation

4. Having a consistent quiet time scheduled each day

5. Walking to clear your thoughts

6. Podcasts

All you need to do is focus on what is important. We are surrounded by so many things that tell us who we should be and what we should be doing. But they are all distractions. Really dig in, get quiet and examine what you truly need to be focusing on. Write it down, post it somewhere and look at it every day until you see some results.

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