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Personal Development 2019

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Do the inner work. Take it day by day. Pray. Journal. Meditate. Watch your favorite TV show. Find a hobby you enjoy. Sing. Dance. Read. Set goals. Rest. Travel. Chase your dreams. Laugh. Cry. Love yourself. Go to bible study. Watch sermons. Relocate. Go to church.

🗣 DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, TO BECOME A BETTER YOU AND FULFILL YOUR GOD GIVEN PURPOSE! . . . It's too many people giving up out here. God is real. The dream is coming to reality. You woke up this morning so obviously something is stirring up for your life. Keep going. Keep working. Keep trying. Keep going when you get redirected. . . . I am in the FAITH GAME and I am crazy enough to know ☝🏿that there is a calling bigger than I can see. God is my coach in this thing!! I shall not worry about a person, place, or thing in this world because if God be for me who can be against me! .

Y'all stay encouraged out here! The enemy is stirring into the ones close to you and around you. Your worship has to get louder and stronger! Stay in these prayer closets. Your faith has to increase this season! There is a calling on your life! Walk in your will make sense soon.

Peace and Blessings 💛


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