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Press On Queen!

Perfectionism is a beast. Comparison is a killer. Negative self-talk will have you down and depressed. Feeling like you have to continue to prove yourself to the world will have to out here lost. You will run into dead ends because they were never the paths that God decided for you to go down. In life we take these paths and follow the trends because it seems better and it seems like the grass is greener on the other side. Just to find out that it is artificial turf…a cover up. Well then what does that tell you? That you are fighting with yourself to be something someone else is not. You are questioning a gift. You are continuing to forget what God showed you. You have contemplated giving up because nothing seems like the way you want it. Well, I am here to tell you that we all feel lost at times but there is a true gift in the storm.

Lately, I have been feeling really lost. I have been trying to figure it all out. My purpose is right there but sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough and that I am doing more for where I do not want to be because I have to make ends meet. The thing is that I know that what I am doing and where I am currently is only temporary but when you breathe your purpose you definitely want to be doing that thing all day, every day. While I am at work, the gym, with friends, with my fiancé or at church, all I want to do is help others better their lives and that is what therapists and life coaches do. I honestly went into a rabbit hole because I want to do that for the rest of my life. And, yes I want to coach and be a therapist, I can help in different capacities in both. (Lol, I always get the question of why I want to do both.)

In life, we get stuck. It happens. It is apart of how we overcome the current chapter we are in life. It is like a certain point we have to go through before we close that chapter and evolve. I am sure it does not look like that but it is. Usually when we are stuck, it is because something has been revealed to us and we can not make sense of what any of it could mean. We spend mornings as we wake, nights we can’t fall asleep and moments we should be cherishing to try to process how it will all come together.

Well, in the last few weeks, I have realized that there is so much more meaning to our moments of being stuck. There is this beautiful thing. There is the moment where we PRESS. Pressing is a form of faith and belief that God is going to show up like He said He would. It is in that moment that we are certainly coming close to a breakthrough. We begin to put in the work. We begin to find a way to feel better. We invent new ways to get the job done while still being tired. We speak life into our situation no matter how bad we may feel. This is where our faith moves mountains and we remember whose we are.

I know the STRUGGLE IS REAL when it comes to living this life…especially this adult life. Listen, I can understand that things get better, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. But I need you to do a few things before YOU COUNT YOURSELF OUT:

1. Stick to what you know.

- God did not fail you before so why is this time different. You saw it for a reason. Keep pressing in on that vision. Do the work and keep showing up and out for God.

2. Keep your faith high and your thoughts positive.

- You need to keep yourself encouraged during this time. Keep your faith, Queen. You have bigger mountains to shake with your faith. You better face that negativity in the face and tell it that your faith wins because you know your God.

3. Pray. And, pray again until its answered.

- Personally, prayer is hard when you have been saying the same prayer over and over again. But keep pressing the prayer because I believe if my grandmothers prayer over my life to be a good child took effect after high school trust me that God hears your prayers of today. Keep getting on your face and pray about what you are going through.

4. Be grateful. Count them Blessings Queen!

- Being grateful for the blessings is a start. Now you can remember where and what God brought you from. Now, you can begin to enjoy where you are in the present moment. The present is a gift, not many people receive it because they never notice it.

5. Enjoy your life.

- Sometimes we just are so goal driven that we forget to smell the flowers. We would rather just have the roles, titles and accomplishments. That is all good but can you truly say you are living if all you do is move from goal to goal. Are you pouring back into your cup through self-care, love, sun, vacation, friends, family? Take time to evaluate life for what it means to you.

I pray that this encourages you, Queen! I pray that you and me can take the time to PRESS through this time and any other time that you feel STUCK. The best times in life are when we can rejoice in the fact that we overcame what we thought would have taken us out. Remember to stay up, Queen through it all.

Queen tip: Remember to GROW through it, not just go through it. It is better to take the lessons that to beat yourself up. See the positives of life. Speak life in to yourself always. It will all make sense one day. Now keep PRESSING, the diamond is coming!

Peace & Blessings


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