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Reclaiming My Joy

Take back what the enemy stole from you!

Omg! Sarah Jakes-Roberts always gives me life as I listen to her. But today, God spoke to me through this sermon given, Eat Like a King.

Whew!! Lately I had been questioning why I was not who I used to be. I mean I had a busy life with long nights, early mornings, and working lunches. When I was apart of my student organizations back in school, I felt purpose. I felt that I was helping people on a bigger level. Especially when I started my own student organization, I just knew I was being a voice for others. I had been in my thoughts wondering why I was not as ambitious as I used to be. I continued to keep asking God why am I so tired, long days not doing what I love, and super stressed over where I am versus where I want to be. And, I began to give up not just physically but mentally and spiritually. I felt LOST just like SJR talks about in this sermon. Like I felt that! But, I came back from that when God fulfilled my meaning and purpose once I slowed down and spent time with Him. I am evolving and God is my strength as I go through this spiritual fight. I am honestly fighting for everything God has for me because I have to bring some youth and women to Him.

I got my answer...

And, I just want to share with you this 1 thing...get control over your mind, body and spirit. Get back to what you KNOW. Get back to those PROMISES you know only God gave you. Put yourself in the WORD each and every day. Continue to get closer and closer to God no matter the situation. Take back what the ENEMY thought he STOLE from you. What you LOST in the battle, you have to go get it back. In the spiritual realm, it is a fight. I can tell you a spiritual battle only means that you are growing in places that the enemy knows for a fact is going to make you believe more and be faithful and that is what God wants from us; trust and our faithfulness. You have to keep fighting regardless of what it looks like.

Some ways to reclaim your confidence in God:

1. Stick to what you know. You have seen God do it before and He will do it again.

2. Read your bible and repeat daily. You need to know the Word so when you are attacked, you will have the strength to keep going.

3. Decide what is the truth from what is a lie.

4. Pray about everything.

5. Double-check with God in all that you do and if you still feel unclear on something, go back again!

You were made for a special purpose. You have a very specific calling on your life and you have to keep pressing on through these spiritual battles. You were made for this. God will qualify you for the road ahead. You have to remain faithful and strong.

Peace & Blessings Toni

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