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Restart & Refresh Series: Mindset

The reality is we are always changing into the woman that God designed us to be each and every day. It can either be a non-stop roller coaster or a peaceful transition. Either way we go through it. The question I pose now is: Do you determine how you will get through it, specifically focusing on your mental and emotional health?

Life is never going to ease up for you just because you think it is hard. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you when things are going smooth and right. Welp! So now that we have realized that we can not control life, let’s talk about some things we can control while we are going through rough patches of life.

#1- You can control your attitude.

Queen, it can get tough to smile through the rough times but it is worth it. Having a positive attitude through it all will always help you adjust better to the circumstance before you. When you are positive, it helps you to have an open mind to make better decisions. Positivity will help you to see things in a different light and help you to be open to different perspectives. Before you know it, you will be figuring out a way to master your situation.

#2- You can control your stress and anxiety.

It is so much easier to handle the difficult things in life when you are less stressed. You have to continue to press through and manage your stress all at the same time. For you to make sound decisions and have a clear mind you will have to be proactive in your mental health. Some ways you can reduce stress through hard times is:

Journal- Having a journal with you always will help you to release any emotions, ideas, strategies on paper so that you will not be holding on to everything.

Therapy- Seeking a therapist during this time for counsel through this season of your life is very beneficial- you may be given assignments that can be a guide to improvement in this area.

Daily Prayer Time- Having a time that is devoted to prayer is so essential to relieving stress. In this time you can just pray about ANY and EVERY thing that has been bothering you about the circumstances you are in.

Any other thing that brings you rest and relaxation!

#3- You can control your actions.

You can definitely control the actions you take towards the circumstance. Please make sure that your actions align with bettering the situation. You can control your reaction to certain circumstances. Choosing positive actions that will help you positively in the situation you are enduring will be better for you in the end. You will thank yourself for taking the action you took!

Queen, on this journey of life you will have bumps and bruises but you have to keep going. Improving and mastering a positive mindset will get you far. You have to keep yourself empowered and encouraged if you want to be RESILIENT. The trials and tribulations come but what is going to make you the WOMAN you are designed to be is your STORY. You have to remember that each and every part of this journey is for you to GROW, BE ABUNDANT and LEARN and TRANSFORM. You have to turn your obstacles into opportunities if you are going to take a risk at life. The beauty in your journey is how you overcame what was sent to break you. So, now is the time to buckle down and get your stuff together. A refresh is upon us and it first starts with our mindset. Bring in March with positivity, love and peace through your mindset!

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