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Sis, Get Your Stuff Together!

Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Not happy? At a job you don't like? In your feelings? Cluttered mind? Answer honestly....

If you answered yes to more than two of these then you totally need to revisit the drawing board and do some digging. You may be burning the candle at both ends. Personal development can be those little things we begin to incorporate so that we can be a better person. The little things we do make a huge difference in our daily lives.

Begin to visit the whys to being overwhelmed, stressed, lost, burn out or sadness. You have to take steps to building yourself and taking care of yourself. What you put into yourself you get out so choose wisely.

There I was with a 9-5 job, good job good benefits, a whole college degree, you would think I would be the most happiest girl in the world. Guessing that was all I needed to be happy is a set up and a lie I told myself. It may have made everyone else happy but it left me once again lost and confused. My burnout had been to a level 15 on a scale from 1-10. I felt that there was so much more to me, so much more to life for me. I had this feeling that I remembered. It was me screaming out at myself again. I was in a place where I wanted more again. This voice was familiar. It sounded like the 17-year old girl walking across the high school graduation stage feeling useless as they called her name and people clapped.

Our life experiences will be the reminder some times to keep us going. Our pain points in life will be the same very things that yell at us and tell us that we just are not feeling it at that moment and that is totally okay. That just means that something in our life just is not right and it may be time to sit down and write some stuff out to get to a better place.

Personal development is incorporating some new things to develop yourself. It is the total level up. It is understanding that there is a much more to you and you deserve more. It is getting your mind, body and soul right through various activities. It is honestly a huge step to even know that you need some personal development. So, if you have made it that far, give yourself a pat on the back.

Some helpful tips on personal development:

#1- Take it one day at a time. Rome was not built in one day!

#2- Practice at what you need to make you better.

#3- Schedule personal development in your calendar. Make time to become a better you.

That's all!!

I love you ladies! If you are not already subscribed to the blog please do by leaving your name and email. I truly would love for you to be apart of the resilient queen community and share your story with us and ways that you have challenged the obstacles in life.

Peace & Blessings!


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