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Spiritual Wellness 101

On my spiritual journey, I always feel like it is a roller coaster. Sometimes I am high and enjoying the ride seeing where God's presence is in my life. Other times I am low and trying to run the race to getting back to God. It is in these roller coaster moments where I start to realize how important my spiritual journey is. The time, the effort, the tears, the smiles, the journal entries are all worth it. I know that I have to stay focused if I am ever going to reach my true purpose and meaning.

Throughout life, I have needed a lot of nurturing I thought from everyone else. But really the only person that I needed in this process was myself. I needed to be true to myself to dedicating the time needed to growing in my spiritual wellness. Replacing the pain with the truth of who I was and my purpose. It was time that I started doing more to get closer to God...closer to my calling...closer to my higher self.

When I say it has been a journey, it has. I started on my spiritual wellness journey in my junior year of college, almost four years ago. The one thing that I can remember along the way is that there are things that you are going to face. You have to face these giants with confidence. You have to overcome these obstacles that life will throw at you. You are worthy of the testimony so beat it with your resilience you have built over time.

What is spiritual wellness?

Spiritual wellness is a process of you digging deep to determine your life's purpose and meaning. It involves your beliefs, values, and morals. True, genuine wellness in this area can bring harmony to one's life. To be truly in tune with your spiritual self is a gift of healthy spiritual wellness. This is a practice that one must master on their own to finding their true meaning in life events to defining individual purpose.

Journey to spiritual wellness

  1. It will not be easy.- It may actually bring along stress. You may encounter plenty of pain as you are overcoming obstacles. But you are strong and resilient. There is nothing that you can not work through and overcome. Just remember the bigger picture of you becoming your higher self and operating mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a better space.

  2. You have to find what works best of you. - You will pick up the best practices that work for you. Take the time to explore. Do not just be closed off to what you have seen around you and what you have grown up knowing. Exploration is best to find what is going to make you well spiritually.

  3. Practice makes perfect.- You may have to do it five times before you get adjusted. Do not give up because it is difficult. You may have to do it and make it routine before you see the rewards of your practice. Try at it until you feel you can not do it anymore. Stick to it, you are an overcomer!

  4. Personal reflection- Take time out for yourself. Challenge your current thoughts. Take quiet time for yourself to figure out who you are. Ask yourself what is the meaning of your life?

Things you can do to start on your journey

  1. Explore your inner self.

  2. Try meditation.

  3. Research and study mindfulness.

  4. Try journaling.

  5. Daily self-reflection

  6. Practice expressing gratitude.

  7. Be curious.

  8. Be open-minded.

  9. Practice praying.

  10. Read books.

  11. YouTube different spiritual practices.

  12. Try yoga.

  13. Go on a fast.

  14. Read a daily devotional.

  15. Listen to praise and worship music.

  16. Spend quiet time with God.

  17. Do a bible reading challenge.

  18. Take a rest day and get in tune with yourself.

  19. Ask yourself questions you want to know about yourself.

  20. Be present in your daily life moments.

Keep your head up Queen! Remember that this all is a journey not a destination. We are always evolving into a better version of ourselves each and every day. That is a true common goal for any Queen who has resilience. Keep your faith high. Growing is a process. Connecting with God is connecting with our higher self, calling, and purpose. Work at it each day. You got this Queen! Stay encouraged.

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