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Stay Warm This Winter!

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

During the winter season, there is a lot of seasonal depression, unwillingness to want to leave the house, and just overall sadness as the holidays come around. . . Do not let the cold weather get you down! Find a way to make the best of it. . . Its been a struggle out here but I am pushing through....sometimes with thug tears but here are a few ways that I keep myself going:

1. Treating myself ➡️ usually a trip to Starbucks, watching my favorite TV show, just sleeping (rarely do that these days but I love to sleep!) . 2. Find some inspiration or motivation ➡️ podcasts are my life now, inspirational apps are my life, sermons are good too! . 3. Find a new hobby that will interest you this season ➡️ well that's blogging for me...its not new for me but it is a way that I keep myself and others inspired which is a true passion for me.

Whatever you do, keep praying and having fun this season. Love you! 😘

Peace and Blessings💛


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