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Trusting What He Said

The last few weeks have been a little rough for me. Like I was just not understanding of how and why I was experiencing being overly tired. I was truly drained. I blamed it on work. I blamed it on my friends. I blamed it on my family. And. all of that was good until I had no one else to blame it on but myself. I really had been stressing myself out. I was approached with so much that I began to shrink in reality not wanting to do anything. I felt overworked, tired, exhausted.

I have been in my mind most of the time since I was a little girl. I am always observant. I am always over analyzing every bit of information. Well, it took me being drained for weeks to learn that I had to give somethings to God. And, I mean for real, not that "okay God I will let you borrow it but if it doesn't changes then I will take it back" type of trust. I had truly been holding on to little things that hurt me but were so precious to my little heart that I was not trying to let it go. It was my childhood, it was me, it was who I was. But, God was showing me that there was much more to my life moving forward than what happened in the past.

God was revealing what was blocking me from Him. It was my inability to trust what He said to me. Over the years, I have obtained this vision of my life that could only been given from God. And, I began to analyze so much to where I couldn't see who I was, my upbringing and past could add up to the vision. I STRESSED MYSELF OUT and I was draining my energy from being so worried about what the future holds. It was taking so much out of me, I was completely burned out. Now, how does one do this to herself? Easy peasy answer, you make this blueprint of how you expect your life to get to that point, then you follow that plan you made up and run into dead zones over and over again. And, now you are stressed because things did not go your way.

All I could think was why? Why do I get in this situation each time? It was because I was lacking in trusting what God was telling me all along. Plenty times in our life we take on the task of being in control as if we really know what is right for our life. We think we are Superwomen and can make it happen. But, we tend to fall short. What if we put just as much effort into going to God when it comes to trusting Him? That should be our number one job; building a relationship with God- a strong, loving and solid one.

Go to God in All You Do

Imagine trying to be a mom, wife, full time student, minister of music, career woman, business woman and still have to make time for yourself. Yep, honey, I agree that is a lot! Well imagine if you did not have to feel like sometimes you are pulling teeth or it is a true struggle to get things done. Well, honestly there is peace in the struggle when you go to God about everything in your life. Whether it is a position held, a decision that needs to be made or your next move, God is always the answer. I can remember so many times being rerouted on my journey due to me choosing my own answers and not asking God first. It is easier than you think. Go to the creator who already knows the plan He has for your life!

Trust in God

God will not mislead you or forsake you. Trust me, I only speak from experience. God wants to fulfill every promise in your life so why not trust God and follow His word. Having faith is how we show up for God and show Him that we trust Him. Continue to pray. Continue to journal. Continue to focus on God. In this season, you have to have tunnel vision and you can not let the enemy distract you. Show up and show out for God so that you can keep steadfast on your journey. God is surely going to show up in every area of your life.

Be Still and Wait Expectantly on God

Be still. Breathe. It will be okay. The world will not burn down if you are not there. Take time to yourself if you can, just to be in the present moment. God is on time and everything will work itself out. You have to sit sometimes and wait on God. There is a reason for every thing that happens. You may need to slow down and relax. And, that is okay. Make sure that during the time of being still that you are waiting just as Jesus would. That means serving, loving, caring and still showing up in your spiritual life.

"Centered in the whirl wind of life...that's peace...that's God." - Toni Simmons

I want to leave you ladies with a verse that has truly transformed my week. It is Luke 1:37, "For the word of God will never fail." Trust what God tells and shows you, He knows best.

Peace & Blessings,


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