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A Testimony is Worth a Purpose

Wheeeeeeew!! A testimony can hold so much of us in it. It can hold our hearts, our fear, our doubt, our past hurt, our love, our passion, our purpose. The best part about our testimony is that it shows that we are filled with so much awesomeness that it took our past to build who we truly are.

A testimony can be a little difficult to accept as it comes with so much that may not be so pleasant as the end product: YOU. It is you who will be the game changer and the ground shaker. It is your testimony that will break down the doors to opportunity. Testimonies are our struggle story that turns into our victory story because God showed up for us. Thank God that he is a faithful God an loving God because we could have and should have been in some situations and circumstances but because of Gods love, mercy and grace we are here today walking in our paths of blessings.

When I was a little girl, I was so quiet. I was quiet because I had seen so much. I had been in some situations that I could not understand why I had been in those predicaments.

Had I done things wrong?

Was I a bad child?

Why could I not have this fairy tale book life?

I just could not grasp why I went through these incidents with so much pain and hurt. I could not understand why I lost my grandmother at age 6 and could not attend her funeral. I could not understand why my mother and I went on adventures in the middle of the night to local hotels. I could not understand why as a child I had to take care of my mother to save myself from loosing her position as my mother in my life. I could not understand why I would be sitting in my early 20's in a pool of tears daily from flashbacks of my childhood.

Life will show you some instances that you will never get out of your head and will replay like a broken record. Pain will make its bed so comfortable that you will believe that there was space for you to be there forever. But all this time there was never a place made for you to stay there.

God came to me early college and began to reveal who he was and had been in my life. I began to go on this journey to find myself. Revisiting my past I began to see purpose. I began to see why I went through those situations. There was someone that I was supposed to help. It was more to what I had went through. This was just the beginning of a breakthrough. God was preparing ladies to be helped by preparing me to bring these ladies to him. For that I am ever so thankful because I was able to create this platform from a sister trying to finder her way to help anther sister in need. Begin writing your story by truly building a relationship with God and let him order your steps and it is history from there.

So, here are so ways to begin accepting your testimony and begin seeing it in a more positive light:

#1- Perspective. Look at all the ways that your testimony could have been for the best.

#2- Journaling. Your thoughts may need to make it to paper so that you can process all that happened so that you can stop harboring feelings and emotions.

#3- Therapy. You may need to just hear yourself speak on the subject honestly. Hearing it can help you process it and look at it differently.

God is so good! He is an on time God and I am so grateful for my life's experiences. God was building me for this the whole time. He was building a kingdom business that started with a little girl's circumstance and I am forever grateful!

Love you ladies!

Peace & Blessings! Toni

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